Online school №1 – educational online platform

Online platform for children’s school education

The company teaches more than 5000 children, also providing a wide range of additional activities. Such kind of teaching lets children get good-quality education in welcoming environment.
7 month
of development
Rest API


Platform features include electronic class register, school schedule, educational material base, test and home task functions. Tests have very flexible setting and 14 kinds of questions.

The staff of the Online school №1 is large and functions of each team member are divided accurately. Therefore, we’ve created 18 roles with different levels of access during the development. Each new role is created within 15-20 minutes.

The customer had a common vision of the desired result. The deadline – April 4 (the fourth quarter for pupils). We estimated the platform as 5,000 + hours.

Applied technologies

How we’ve created a flexible platform in a short time and cooperated so many people.

It was possible due to our own elaboration of widget system on back- and frontend.

We have allocated work areas among the team:
  1. 1. Architectural and design work
  2. 2. Backend widget development
  3. 3. Frontend widget development
  4. 4. Settings of base and links between widgets on the platform
  5. 5. Widget integration on frontend

This kind of the development represents an “insert” of a certain amount of widgets on a page. Before we write the client page we ask three questions:

  1. 1. Can users see these widgets?
  2. 2. How do they see these widgets?
  3. 3. What can they do with the widgets?

As an example

To explain the principle easier, let’s use administrative calendar as an example. There are 4 roles:


Coordinator sees the calendar widget. Coordinator has an access to the events editing / deleting / adding / reading.

Tutor sees the calendar without edit buttons, only with reading function. Tutor has an access to the events of the classes, to which tutor is linked.

Teacher sees only his/her schedule. Only reading function is available.

Admin has a full access to all the sections and functions.
Thanks to the fact that it is not just a standard role functionality but a widget, we can change any role or access in 15 minutes. Teacher will be able to edit anything, and tutor and admin will not see anything.

Widget system allows us to scale the platform several times faster, than by the means of a standard way of project realization.

Widget system is our own technology. We’ve made a full pack of the documentation for it. Now any developer in our team can use it.


The platform had been developed, tested and prepared for the release several days before the scheduled launch. Accordingly, the team managed to keep the budget provided for risk management.
Additionally, the client didn’t have to pay for the previous platform and that allowed keeping the budget, laid for the payment of that platform in April.
The main KPIs were deadline, budget and increase of conversion from leads to pupils through development of a more relevant platform.
The feedback of pupils and their parents is 8.6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Testing had been implemented after 50 days of use.

Meet Our Team

Fokin Anton
Trushin Artem
Surtaev Nikita
Kirpichnikov Maksim
Head of backend
Lebedev Ilya
Malevanaya Maria
Rozhkova Ekaterina
Pavel Zhuravlev
Lubimov Nikita
QA Engineer
Anufriev Gregory