BrandBank by Invitro

BrandBank Invitro is a portal for keeping of different materials, data for all the franchisee of the network of laboratories Invitro.
6 month
of development


Earlier (before the development of the portal) the company used Google disc, which sorted all the files through folders, more folders, and again folders. The more files, the more franchisee and tasks on the materials allocation there were, the less comfortable Google disc became.

The decision was made to develop BrandBank. We’ve managed to include mailing, downloading statistics, preview of the materials, search through the portal and many other in its functionality. We’ve parsed all the folders, identified all the documents, generated preview and collected the materials into the sections already on the portal. To get away from usual folders with titles we’ve introduced a vertical navigation on the left side of the screen. This solution has helped to facilitate the search for the necessary section and needed document significantly.

Applied technologies

We needed RGB format for a web-preview. The images were strongly distorted in the result of the converting from CMYK into RGB.

To solve the problem we have written our own script.

We’ve developed the system of the preview generation without losing colour palette.
The preview of Excel, PDF and DOC files has been realized through Google Docs tools. With the help of API we send the file to Google Docs, get a link from the service and insert the link into preview window through iFrame.

Then we’ve developed a quick search, which allows to find any file on the portal.

We’ve introduced mailing to the portal, which helps the representatives of Invitro to provide their franchisee with new marketing materials as fast as possible.
The next solution for Invitro has been an introduction of the downloading statistics. The data help management track the most useful materials for the laboratories.


We’ve developed the system of preview generation without losing colour palette.
Have introduced mailing and downloading statistics to the portal.
Have developed quick search and preview of the files on the site.

Meet Our Team

Voroncova Sofia
Ivanova Yulia
Lubimov Nikita
QA Engineer
Achkasov Aleksey